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Tropical University

Tropical U is our revolutionary education system that offers multiple classes that range from general maintenance and fertilization to specialized propagation courses that teach you how to split and multiply your own tropicals allowing you to provide friends and family with never ending pleasure from a small investment. The goal of tropical U is to engage with our customers by educating them on how to create their own personal oasis weather its in your home or business. We feel that our education system will help in creating sustainability within this new and exciting industry that will allow anyone interested to enjoy and share the pleasure these tropicals provide. Tropical U will also have landscape installation classes to educate our customers on how to select, create and maintain their own professional quality tropical landscapes or beachscapes with their friends and families ultimately bringing loved ones together by providing a great bonding experience.

Tropical U Certification Program

Tropical U’s three level certification program allows dedicated enthusiasts and collectors to get together and learn with other like minded individuals with similar set of skills and experience level to make sure everyone is getting the absolute most out of their educational experience. While you move through the certification courses and achieve higher levels you will not only enjoy the experience you gain you will also unlock exclusive rock bottom pricing through each level of certification allowing you to attain breathtaking personally sustainable displays without breaking the Bank.

Level 1: The Collector

This is our entry level certification program that is designed for adults and mature teens with their parents to obtain all the basic skills, hands on experience and education to be able to Maintain/ carefor along with selecting the proper species and cultivar to be the perfect fit for your new oasis. Once you complete our 3.5 hours entry level classes and obtain your Collector Certificate you will qualify for additional 10% off of all inventory and apparel and 50% 0ff next certification level Classes along with special event rental pricing that will give you the ability to literally bring the tropics to your next special event or get together.

  1. 1 hour basic care/ general knowledge class explaining all the basics.
  2. 1 hour selection class that will help give you the knowledge to select the right species/ cultivar for your oasis.3.
  3. 1.5 hour Fertilization, nutrient deficiency correction, watering and installation.

Level 2: The Cultivator

The Cultivator is our second level certification program that is also geared towards the same age groups as the collector but will build off your existing knowledge and newly acquired skills. Through this certification we will be educating you on advanced plant selection by introducing you to our extensive exotic inventory that will help you bring your collection to the next level. We will also offer advanced fertilization, overwintering/ winter prep along with greenhouse selection/ Basic solar passive greenhouse information/ education. Finally to wrap this program up we offer hands on general propagation classes that will teach you how to multiply, split and pup some of your favorite tropicals so you can grow your collection and have endless supply of tropical gifts with simply time invested not big money. Once you reach cultivator certification we will offer your exclusive flowering tropicals and exotic inventory that will be worthy of any tropical botanical garden along with exclusive pricing and first selection of new inventory. The Cultivator will receive the same discounts as the collector certification with first selection on exclusive inventory before its release.

  1. 1 hour Advanced fertilization/ Watering.
  2. 1.5 hour overwintering/ winter prep class.
  3. 1.5 Greenhouse selection/ solar passive greenhouse intro.
  4. 2 hour hands on bird of paradise/ snake plant propagation class

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