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Tropical CT’s Palm care insurance is the only insured overwintering service in our market. 

We guarantee that 100% of the total paid for overwintering will be applied to purchasing a replacement palm, however if they aren’t available at the time a credit will be applied to your account for future purchase of a Tropical CT palm tree. In order to qualify for Tropical CT’s Palm Care Insurance all palms must be delivered by October 1st or at least 2 weeks before the first frost. If pick up is required it must be scheduled by September 15th to give us ample time to pick up and process. Your Palm trees and Tropicals must be in tip top shape : no signs of stress or pest infestation, improper/excessive pruning, nutrient deficiency, root rot or over watering. Palms and tropicals must be in a nursery pot or have been properly potted in a well aerated pot at least 4 months prior to drop off in order to give them a chance to recover from transplant stress. They also must be in proper specialty soil that’s designed for container growing; one that is not heavy in organics such as wood chips, mulch or heavy clay based soils and the soil must be well draining and aerated. Palms and Tropicals must also be potted in the proper size container keeping roots relatively rootbound and aerated or balled & burlapped to protect the root system from transplant shock/cold air. If they’re received in an improper container or no container at all this will void palm care warranty. Your palms should show no signs of frizzletop, root rot or nutrient deficiencies from being overwatered and must also be free from soil dwelling pests that kill palms slowly and can go undetected until serious damage is already done. 

Palm trees must  be delivered by October 1st to qualify for full replacement insurance. We can extend coverage if they’re brought to us after October 1st only if palm trees are delivered at least 15 days prior to the first frost in order to allow us an adequate amount of time to apply pesticides/fungicides and assess their condition before they enter our greenhouse or are loaded on our trucks. If frost occurs during this time period and products are damaged we will do our best to care for them to remedy frost damage however, if damage is too far gone we will have to dispose of any affected products. In the occurrence of any natural disaster, structural/ mechanical issues with our greenhouse’s and trucking or any other avoidable circumstance, 100% replacement will be honored as long as the issues stated above are not present when products are received. When palm trees have signs of frizzletop there is a good chance of root rot/nutrient deficiency or underlining pest issues that we’re unable to correct and may accelerate once they’re in our greenhouse or on our truck that we use to transport them to Florida.

Palm trees must not be showing any signs of pest infestations due to this becoming a risk of spreading to other palms.  If pests are present upon receiving your palms, we will give it a chance to remediate the issues and allow for healthy new growth by removing any disease or fronds that are excessively damaged; however, an additional fee will be charged to the account. When Tropical CT has to correct these issues the cost will be applied to your account and must be paid in full prior to your palms being picked up in the spring. When these issues are present we will do our best to correct them and with sufficient time most issues can be corrected but if they are too far gone or are putting the health of the rest of our customers palms at risk then we will have to dispose of your palm trees and at that point we will credit your account the full amount paid for winter storage and deduct this off the price to purchase new products through Tropical CT.